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How to Survive Fan Expo

An amazing weekend at Fan Expo Canada. I was there with Mike Leone as guests of the show in the artists alley. The new four day format worked well--despite being underground, shut off from the skywalk, and far from Front street, people were able to shuffle into the show at a reasonable time with no complaints.

While we're still working on the latest issue of Freelance Blues, we did have a poster of John Lang's phenomenal cover print for #5: Dinos versus Lance! Check it out over on the FLB website here to get a taste of what's in store. 

This was also the debute show for A Nail in the Heart, the reception for which I was really happy with. Ayalah Hutchins' stunning cover literally stopped people in their tracks, making them pick it up and check out the stories inside. Now granted, creepy horror isn't for everyone, but it did at least start the conversation. 

It was also fantastic to have Noel Tauzon, artist for "Bring me the Head of Osama Bin Ladin!" the first story in the collection show up on the Friday night of the show. Noel did a little bit of signing, which we hope will be the first time of many. 

Another big plus--was having having great artists as neighbours. Kurt Lehner, a fantastic illustrator famous for doing the original concept design for the Gargoyles animated series was there selling prints along wiht his son Christian (and for the record, we were the official winners of the popcorn contest). Also we got to meet Drazan Kozjan, the illustrator of a quite astonding gothic webcomic, The Happy Undertaker, wonderful stuff in the spirt of The Addams Family and the works of Edward Gorey.

All in all, a fantastic show, our first as guests, and we have to give a big thank you to organizer Kevin Boyd for getting us in and making the whole thing happen. Oh and the guy who lent me his Cobra Commander helmet, allowing this to happen: 


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