Sunday, September 15, 2013 at 08:27PM
Ian Daffern


It's an incredible thing to make it to the end. That moment when you realize that you've made it! This journey you've been on, this goal you've been driving towards relentlessly is there, completed, in front of you... funny how that applies to me as much as it does the hero of the comic series I've been publishing. 

FREELANCE BLUES- 6 issues that took six years of work for myself and my co-creator Mike Leone, an incredibly ambitious goal for self-publishing, before the age of kickstarter and indie-gogo even. Crazy to think even. At times we thought the end would never arrive. Yet now it's here. And you want to know how it feels? 

For the final issue, John Lang made this amazing cover. 

It feels just like that. 


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