HAPHEAD: Lizzie Blitz! 
Monday, March 23, 2015 at 11:02PM
Ian Daffern

Spent some time last summer bringing together two worlds that I work in. I've made web videos and documentaries for over 10 years professionally, and explored comic writing and science fiction longer than that. And only NOW have these come together on the screen. 

How to do it? 

Step one- find a solid production team on the rise. Step Two-  Jump in head first. Step Three- Knit your parachute on the way down! 

The good thing about working on a film set is that there is no fooling about deadlines-- your script, your actors, all the elements, they are either ready or they're not.  And with the right people and a little luck you get: 

Haphead - was an honest to goodness cyberpunk serial, shot in Toronto last year by the new production company Postopian Films. And while the company just officially launched this January, the team has been building their engine for some time

Haphead- Lizzie Blitz! tells of the adventures of a futuristic Video Blogger, played by real life blogger Nicole Coenen, who infiltrates the party scene to bring her own take on it. It was part of a group of narrative elements that expand the world of Haphead; creating alternate characters, storylines, and more that create a greater breadth than you can do in a single film. 

We shot on the margins of the mainset, working off a single camera and sound kit, and a single work light. And it was amazing! 





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