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Adventures in Montreal 

Montreal, lining up early outfront of Saint Eglise Enfant Jesus, waiting for the doors to open at 10 am on a November Saturday. It started with a long snakey line, of ramshackle characters, each clutching cardboard boxes and bookstore totebags filled with stapled paper goods. Expozine was in its 10th year, and got extra media hype, but the basement hall was just as packed as the previous year. You couldn't really fit anymore people in that hall; come around 3 o'clock Montreal's finest had to slow elbow squeeze past one another to reach a table. Amidst this festival of underground, alternative and independent subcultures was the appearance was a couple of Red Bull promo girls, with giant can shaped back-pack coolers, handing out drinks to zinesters. But hey, no doubt, tabling is exhausting work! 

Nail in the Heart got a lot of appreciation for its cover design, but it was the Freelance Blues that kept people coming back. I had some help with my french sales techniques with phrases provided by Kim Hoang of Love Love Hill. For Nails it was: "C'est Bede D'Horreur". For the FLB it was:  "C'est bon, c'est drole; c'est plus bon que la pizza!" Or on one occasion in an entirely French conversation about FLB IV: Kobe or Not Kobe: "Il est un masseuse... pour la vache!" Next year-- more Francais cheat sheets. 


It Came From the Night Bus... 

Last year I went down to the New York Comic-Con on the night bus from Toronto.  Sure your crammed in there for ten hours, but for fifty bucks you can't go wrong... unless the engine dies at the border. There's no power. No air-conditioning. And you're on the wrong-side of Niagara Falls. So what you gonna do?

Well you start shooting the shit with the people around you. Turns out, for me, it was a pair of artists going down to the show as well, Marco and Mike. Soon we were outside with the rest of the passengers, waiting for an industrial-sized tow-truck to give us a boost, making fun of the driver after he failed to convince us to return to our seats.  It turns out Mike had a job doing covers for Marvel. Me, I was co-writing and self-publishing my comic Freelance Blues

Now cut to a year later. Our first run of Freelance Blues #1 is sold out. So now, we have this:

Fucking amazing. Collaboration-- It's a beautiful thing. Thanks again man. 

For more of Mike's awesome work, including his subway sketch series "The Daily Commute" -- you can check out his site at:

The new edition of Freelance Blues #1 (now with a colour cover!) will be available this weekend at Word on the Street in Toronto. Check us out there! 


Now Available! 

A Nail in the Heart is now available at ONE store in the Toronto area-- and that is Balfour Books on College Street at Bathurst. Coming soon to more, but in the meantime this is where you can find it! More to come, stay tuned... 


How to Survive Fan Expo

An amazing weekend at Fan Expo Canada. I was there with Mike Leone as guests of the show in the artists alley. The new four day format worked well--despite being underground, shut off from the skywalk, and far from Front street, people were able to shuffle into the show at a reasonable time with no complaints.

While we're still working on the latest issue of Freelance Blues, we did have a poster of John Lang's phenomenal cover print for #5: Dinos versus Lance! Check it out over on the FLB website here to get a taste of what's in store. 

This was also the debute show for A Nail in the Heart, the reception for which I was really happy with. Ayalah Hutchins' stunning cover literally stopped people in their tracks, making them pick it up and check out the stories inside. Now granted, creepy horror isn't for everyone, but it did at least start the conversation. 

It was also fantastic to have Noel Tauzon, artist for "Bring me the Head of Osama Bin Ladin!" the first story in the collection show up on the Friday night of the show. Noel did a little bit of signing, which we hope will be the first time of many. 

Another big plus--was having having great artists as neighbours. Kurt Lehner, a fantastic illustrator famous for doing the original concept design for the Gargoyles animated series was there selling prints along wiht his son Christian (and for the record, we were the official winners of the popcorn contest). Also we got to meet Drazan Kozjan, the illustrator of a quite astonding gothic webcomic, The Happy Undertaker, wonderful stuff in the spirt of The Addams Family and the works of Edward Gorey.

All in all, a fantastic show, our first as guests, and we have to give a big thank you to organizer Kevin Boyd for getting us in and making the whole thing happen. Oh and the guy who lent me his Cobra Commander helmet, allowing this to happen: 


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