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Hello, and welcome.

I write horror stories. Supernatural. Thrillers. Sci-Fi even. But most of all I write for the heart. And I hope you find something here you like. 

MONSTROSITY II the latest sci-fi anthology from Alterna Comics, featuring my original story "THE STARS OUR HOME" drawn by John LangA group of young braves sets out to destroy a beast from the heavens... but what will it reveal about themselves?  Find out more here

READ the original horror story collection A NAIL IN THE HEART,  drawn by Noel Tuazon, Shari Chankhamma and Frank Fiorentino. Available NOW.

PLAY my original indie rural-noir story TRUNKED at GAME JOLT

CHARCOAL, a supernatural story of revenge that takes place at a high school near you. Charcoal is drawn by the legendary HO ANDERSON, with layouts Kalman Adrasofszky, and edited by Hugo nominated editor-extraordinaire Liz Gorinsky. A long time coming. And it's everything you can hope for. 




Heart image from the cover of A Nail in the Heart by Ayalah Hutchins.

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